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GoGo Comfy Dog Harness Features

    • Available in 8 Different Colors.
    • Bar-tacked stitching at tension points adds strength.
    • Lifetime Guarantee, Even if Chewed.
    • Certain to Fit any Large Dog, Thoroughly Adjustable.
    • Stainless-steel D Ring along with World Class YKK Buckle.
    • Manufactured from Quality Polyester to Resist Color Fading.
    • Provides Amazing Comfort and Outstanding Toughness.
    • The Classic Harness Crafted with Choice Components.


GoGo Comfy Nylon Harnesses are simple to adjust and since they are a step-in harness, they are quick and easy to get on and off your dog. All of the straps are adjustable, including the center strap down the chest, so GoGo Harnesses can be customized to fit any dog. Each harness features two D-rings, one on either side of the heavy plastic snap-lock buckle, giving you steady control over even strong pullers. We’ve added even more stability to each harness by using a unique piece of hardware with a separate slit for each strap, instead of the standard O-ring. This limits the movement of the straps, which keeps your dog more comfortable and keeps the harness steady and secure. With a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, every dog can look fashionable in their GoGo Harness.


Dog Harnesses provide an added layer of control with your pet that standard leashes can’t provide. This makes them the ideal solution for assertive pets with a bad routine of pulling throughout their walks by helping in properly training them to stroll by themselves. The harness can also assist in decreasing neck and back strain, which is specifically vital for older Dogs.

This Red Dog Harness GoGo Pet Products is a specific high quality Dog harness that combines the timeless style of the conventional dog harness with outstanding dependability. Constructed from top of the line products and established to satisfy the premium item requirements you have come to get out of GoGo Pet Products. From the rust resistant stainless steel hardware, down to the strong specialized polymers, the GoGo Comfy Pet Harness provides unsurpassed quality.


The GoGo Comfy Dog Harness is completely adjustable, permitting it to provide the ideal fit as your Dog continues to grow. This Totally Adjustable Dog Harness procedures 1 inch wide, the perfect fit for the Large pets, as well as puppies.