Offer Your Family A Premium Treat & Restore Natural Habitats? 😮


  • WILD

    Why is wild better than farmed? That's like comparing wild caught salmon versus farm raised salmon. WILD is exponentially better for your health and the environment but does cost a little more? Is your family worth it?


    Introduced to the Hawaiian islands over a century ago, invasive species populations of cattle and venison have since become an ecological disaster by ravaging lands. Let's help restore natural habitats with Stressless™


    Our most premium quality wild USA protein treats includes a generous layer of fresh California sweet potatoes, chia seeds, blueberries, and flax seeds. Making this treat an antioxidant powerhouse which are known to slow aging.

Natural Habitats of Hawaii Are Being Destroyed By Huge Herds of Wild Venison & Wild Cattle

You can clearly see the immense damage caused by invasive herds. This browning of the land is caused by herd waste pollution and constant trampling by hooves. Their shear numbers make this a growing problem.

Reclaim Native Natural Habitats

Introduced to Hawaii over a century ago, wild cattle and venison are destroying the native natural habitat for both plants and animals due to their shear numbers, relentless grazing, and trampling of delicate ground level eco systems.

In the past, mistakes were made that did not foresee their future consequences. Stressless Jerky Treats was created to affect change toward the return of what nature intended while presenting an exceptional treat your pets will adore you for.

This is how change happens, little by little.

The Fragile Local Ecosystem

The browning of land is caused by acidification from the herd's enormous amounts of waste pollution along with constant hoove trampling. This causes destructive erosion and run off through land and oceans. This must change.

Down Into The Oceans

This problem is catastrophic and we need to help affect change.

What's Better Than Wild? Nothing.

When was the last time you had wild beef? Typically, only five-star restaurants offer such delicacies due to their up market price points.

WILD is the original free range organic without the fences, cages, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Add no predators and amazing pleasant weather to that list and you will get our exclusively USA sourced Stressless Venison or Beef Jerky Treats - our most premium treats ever.

Reduced Stress Equals Superior Protein

Wild Hawaiian herds of cattle and venison have absolutely no natural predators. Animals roam freely along rolling hillsides with abundant food sources and zero concerns about becoming prey. Stress hormones reduce the quality and flavor of proteins. Lactic acids and ammonia caused by stress make protein less tasty. Facts. These invasive wild herds of Hawaii are living their best stress free life but are making the local natural habitats a living nightmare jeopardizing the fragile and unique ecosystems that only Hawaii has uniquely become. Lets help!

Help Native Plant & Animal Life!

We do not want to see the unique ecosystems of Hawaii be destroyed by invasive species mistakenly brought into the lands many years ago. We were so moved by what was happening that we decided to start the Stressless™ Jerky Treats For Dogs line so that we can help contribute in culling herd size down to reduce environmental impact while at the same time offering your fur family the most amazing jery treat on the market.

In addition to culling the herd sizes through our treats, we also directly contribute a portion of sales to the

Now You Know Why Bonkers!😀